2/8: Build Your Personal Brand: A Workshop for Coworking Space Operators.

Hi there

I’m a content strategist and creator based in Park City, Utah.

I stumbled onto coworking in 2011 when I was a budding freelance writer working at a record store. I wrote about it for a few years for different publications before deciding that I didn’t want to write about coworking, I wanted to be part of the coworking movement.

These days, my very full time work and passion is to support coworking space operators and community builders with their marketing, communications, storytelling, brand building and differentiation. 

I do that with blog posts, Coworking Convos, The Lab, LinkedIn and Instagram posts, events and Coworking Out Loud, my podcast exploring the deeper side of coworking, content and community.

Coworking transformed my life, helping me grow from a side-gigging freelancer into a full-time freelance writer, into a business owner, into the founder of Convos, the Lab and the whole CJ Co ecosystem.

I’m here to help you grow your space and community so you can make a profound and beautiful impact on your town, region and country. I believe that we in coworking have the potential to change the world.

Take a look around and jump in where you can.

Further together.



The Lab – The Lab is a marketing club for coworking space operators, community managers and marketing leads. We have group coaching sessions, a robust resource library full of pro marketing resources, weekly worksprints, peer to peer trainings and so much more.

Coworking Convos – Coworking Convos is a monthly video series of informal community conversations. They enable workspace operators from around the world to learn, share and connect. 

Coworking Out Loud – My podcast exploring the deeper side of coworking, content and community.


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