Recorded Training: Intro to Brand Storytelling for Coworking Spaces


You have an amazing coworking space and community, but getting that message out into the world can be tricky.

There’s a lot of noise about coworking, and a growing number of workspaces all offering desks, wifi and good coffee.

Your space is so much more than that, but how do you help your target audience understand what you’re all about?



Brand storytelling is a vital part of a good content marketing strategy.

Stories help us understand ourselves, each other and our place in the world.

In this one-hour virtual training hosted by coworking content strategist Cat Johnson, you’ll learn to tell the unique and powerful stories of your coworking space and community.

Cat will show you how to make genuine connection with members, potential members and your extended community.

In this training you’ll learn:

  • What types of stories to tell about your coworking brand
  • How to connect with people through the stories of your space and community
  • How (and where) to share your stories
  • How to amplify and extend the reach of your brand and stories
  • much more

Join us to level-up your storytelling and add a powerful tool to your content marketing toolkit.


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