Recorded Training: How to Create a Content Calendar for Your Coworking Space (and Why You Should)



Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool.

But to be effective, you have to be consistent.

That’s where a content calendar comes in.

In this 1 hour recorded training, learn how to plan and create a content calendar that leverages important days and events, keeps your marketing on-track, and streamlines your content strategy so you don’t waste time or miss golden opportunities.

Who is this training for?

  • Coworking space operators who are serious about creating consistent content
  • Space operators who want to learn more about creating a content marketing strategy
  • Space operators who feel overwhelmed or a step behind with your marketing efforts

What will you learn in this training?

  • The power of a content calendar to keep your marketing on-track
  • How to create a content calendar using the tools that work for you
  • Examples of pro content calendars to inspire and guide you
  • How to leverage important events and dates to attract members to your space
  • How to work with the content resources you already have in your space and community

The training also includes an Ask Me Anything session where live attendees could ask me anything you want about content calendars, marketing, content strategy, etc.

3 reviews for Recorded Training: How to Create a Content Calendar for Your Coworking Space (and Why You Should)

  1. My notebook was FULL of ideas after taking this straightforward and inspirational training.

    As a coworking old-timer, this training was a wonderful way for me to get re-connected with the joy of organized content creation. I’ve generally been a content-creation-on-a-whim person, and this training helped me to get more strategic about my approach.
    Huge bonus is the content calendar template. I’m already using mine for the second year in a row!

  2. I have a background in marketing, but sometimes I find that means I resort to “winging it” with content creation. Cat’s workshop was full of helpful ideas and tools to create a calendar, and I am happy to report that we are now using one and staying on task at my coworking space!

  3. Half the battle of publishing content is strategizing and scheduling. This cannot be done effectively without a content calendar. Cat shares templates and best practices on building an content calendar.

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