Recorded Training: How to Create Better Member Profiles



Member profiles can attract new members to your community, help existing members grow their businesses, and strengthen your coworking brand.

Sounds good, right?

But most space operators take the wrong approach to profiles and end up with content that has little impact and a short lifespan.

In this 60-minute training, I’ll show you how to create profiles that establish your members as experts and your space as a valuable resource for local entrepreneurs and professionals.

Who is this training for?

  • Space operators who would like to support members in growing their businesses but aren’t sure how
  • Space operators who are creating member profiles but know they could be much better
  • Space operators who are tired of wasting time with content that doesn’t convert
  • Space operators looking for good anchor content

What you’ll learn in this training

  • Why typical member profiles fail to reach your target audience
  • What type of profiles connect with your community and market
  • How to create evergreen member profiles that are relevant now, three months from now and a year from now.

This training also included an Ask Me Anything session where training attendees could ask me anything about member profiles, marketing, content strategy, etc.

1 review for Recorded Training: How to Create Better Member Profiles

  1. Part of your branding strategy should include building a member persona so you can identify how to effectively reach and engage with your members (existing and prospective). Cat breaks down how to build a member persona and how and when to use them. A must watch for anyone wanting to build a comprehensive marketing campaign.

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