Recorded Training: Intro to Instagram Marketing for Coworking Spaces



One billion people use Instagram every month. Of those people, 75% take action after seeing a post.

If your coworking space is not marketing on Instagram, you’re missing out on potential leads, members and brand advocates.

Like all the other social media platforms, Instagram has its own culture, norms, strategies and best practices. To successfully market your workspace on Instagram, you need to leverage it as efficiently and effectively as possible to get the best return for your investment of time, energy and resources.

Karina Patel is an Instagram marketing expert and Director of Marketing at CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces. In this joint training with Coworking Content founder Cat Johnson, Karina will show you how to leverage the reach and engagement of Instagram to strengthen your brand, generate leads, attract members, showcase your community and much more.

2 reviews for Recorded Training: Intro to Instagram Marketing for Coworking Spaces

  1. I spend quite a lot of time on my personal instagram, so I thought I knew it all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But instagram for business is a whole other ballgame! I got a lot of helpful tips out of this training, it is great for solidifying the basics. I still reference it!

  2. I’ve attended by now several of Cat’s training and I cannot stress enough how amazing and enriching they are. Cat has a gift for sharing her knowledge in an easy-to-digest way and each training session provides attendees with actionable steps that can be easily implemented and incorporated into existing content strategies! I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to improve their content marketing strategies.

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