Recorded Training: Intro to Pay Per Click Marketing for Coworking Spaces



For coworking space operators, paid search, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

PPC marketing gets you front of a large pool of potential members you can send to your website and educate about your brand and services. You can easily track PPC results so you have precise measurements of your performance.

If you’d like to use PPC ads as part of your workspace marketing strategy, grab this recorded Coworking Content Training.

Karina Patel, Director of Marketing at CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces, will teach space operators how to implement PPC marketing to drive traffic to your site, attract members, strengthen brand awareness and generate leads.

Who should attend the training:

– Coworking space operators

– Workspace marketing teams

– Community managers tasked with marketing duties

– Workspace industry service providers

What you’ll learn:

– Which type of PPC campaign to use

– How to select the right keywords for your PPC campaign

– How to design your PPC ads

– How to set a daily budget for your ads

– What type of bid to use

– Ad scheduling

– How to create a compelling Call to Action

– Where your ad should direct people

– How to compete with deep-pocketed competitors

– and more

This training also includes an Ask Me Anything session where you can ask Karina about your own PPC strategy.

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  1. I regularly attend Cat’s training sessions and I’m never disappointed! This particular webinar on PPC was a real eye-opener; it’s not an area of marketing I’m familiar with and I found this to be an excellent introduction that’s carefully tailored to coworking spaces and flexible space businesses.

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