18 Ways I’ve Coworked this Month


Friendly reminder that you’re not selling desks and offices.

You’re selling a work experience—a flexible, fun and creative experience that enables your members to do their best work.

To illustrate my point, here are 18 ways I’ve coworked this month.

1. At my dedicated desk

This is my usual spot and the first place people look for me. I love my desk. I have a Catwoman magnet, my logo on it and cool neighbors.

2. In phone booths

Throughout the week I hop into phone booths around the space for client calls, team meetings, Lab worksprints, workshops and more. I’m fortunate that Kiln has more than enough phone booths to keep us members happy. If one is occupied, there are more to choose from.

3. Deep Work room

I love this concept and regularly find a need for it. A Deep Work room is something between a phone booth and a meeting room. Built for one, it’s like having a private office I can book when I need it, for long meetings, work sessions etc. This way, I don’t hog the phone booth and I don’t have the overkill of a meeting room.

4. Small meeting room

I use the small meeting rooms to record videos, teach Lab workshops and host informal events. It’s large enough that I can spread out and it’s professional enough that it makes a nice video backdrop.

5. Large meeting room

I use the large meeting room primarily to host Coworking Convos. There’s lots of space, the vibe is professional and fun, it’s a great backdrop and aesthetic for Convos, the light is good and it’s pretty quiet.

6. The Atrium

I use the Atrium to host in-person events, including workshops and our monthly Park City Marketing Club meetings. It is gorgeous, has all the amenities we need to gather, present, learn, share and connect.

7. Kitchen counter

When I want to do some casual brainstorming or mind mapping, I head to the kitchen counter. I can chat with people, get fresh inspiration from a new environment and be part of the action.

8. Kitchen table

Sometimes I set up at one of the kitchen tables if I’m in-between things and just have a few emails to send. It’s a good way to stay in the mix and have a snack or coffee.

9. Common area bench

We have a horseshoe bench that is great for taking calls. It’s far enough away from the main areas that you’re not that guy taking loud calls in the common area but close enough that you’re still part of things.

10. Chair in the quiet corner

There’s a quiet little corner in the space that has a gold chair and cool prints. I like to go there occasionally to still my mind and just take a breather.

11. Podcast room

I use the podcast room regularly to record Reels and other videos. If I need a space that dampens sound and gives me the freedom to freely record takes and ideas, this is the space. Plus the dark grey soundproofing material makes an interesting backdrop.

12. Open coworking area

I have a dedicated desk, but sometimes I like to work in the open coworking areas. It’s just nice to be in a more community-focused setting and it lets me change up the view and vibe.

13. Kitchen events

Before every Park City Marketing Club meeting we have a snacks and sips session that serves as an event warmup and opportunity for club members to get to know each other a bit more. The kitchen is the perfect setting for this.

14. Common area couch

The comfy couch is great for short, informal meetings and brainstorm sessions, to chill out and have a cup of coffee or do some quick tasks.

15. Hallway chair

There’s a chair in the main hallway that is a good spot to take a call or wait for a guest to arrive.

16. Outside bench

While not technically part of the coworking space, the bench outside the door is a sweet way to get some fresh air and sunshine before getting back to work.

17. Walking path

Like the outside bench, the walking path isn’t part of the space, but having easy access to a beautiful trail is something I deeply appreciate. Nothing like some nature to clear your mind and change your perspective.

18. Refresh Room

We have a massage chair in the quiet, refresh room in our space. Enough said.

The Wrap

There are other areas and amenities and offerings in my space that I haven’t yet used or taken advantage of. And things I haven’t mentioned, like the bike/ski room, the ring light members can borrow, the awesome coffee machine, the high quality teas, the shower rooms and multiple locations I can pop into.

So, as you can see, the thing that is insanely valuable to me is not simply my dedicated desk. It’s the entire work experience it offers me. It is flexible, pro and fun and it enables and inspires me to do my best work and build my best life.

This is what you’re selling.

Not desks.

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