Mar 31 Convo: Hospitality as a Service

About Cat

Cat's Story

In 2009 I was working full time at an independent record store in Santa Cruz, California. You know, vinyl, wax … records. I pitched the local alt-weekly paper about doing some music writing and they said yes. So I started an arts and culture gig and, without a lot of fanfare, launched my freelance writing career. Since then, I’ve written for dozens of publications including Mother Jones, Shareable, Lifehacker, Yes! Magazine, Allwork.Space, Triple Pundit, and Good Times. 

That journey led to writing about community-focused projects and in 2011 I stumbled onto a new thing called coworking. I was immediately intrigued by this movement of people working together, collaborating and creating the future of work. I wrote about coworking for a few years for every publication that would let me.

One day I realized that I didn’t want to write about coworking, I wanted to be part of the coworking movement. 

And here we are.

These days, my very full time work and passion is supporting coworking space operators and community builders with their marketing, communications, storytelling and brand building. 

Cat Johnson and other members at NextSpace Santa Cruz

Our Why

Coworking transformed my life, helping me grow from a side-gigging freelancer into a full-time writer, into a business owner, into the founder of Convos, the Lab and the whole CJ Co ecosystem.

Our extended CJ Co team is here to help you grow your space and community so you can make an impact on your community. We believe that coworking has the potential to change the world and we’re here to help you do that.

Our Approach

Through our blog posts, Coworking Convos, the Lab, LinkedIn and Instagram posts, events and the Coworking Out Loud podcast, we help coworking space operators learn, share and connect.

As a human-first organization, we’re all about exploring the deeper side of coworking, content and community.


Our Essentials

The Lab – The Lab is a marketing club for coworking space operators and community managers. We have group coaching, a resource library, worksprints, peer to peer trainings and more.

Coworking Convos – Coworking Convos is a monthly virtual event series for operators to learn, share and connect. 

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