As coworking space operators, you need to engage with people in order to sell memberships and products, strengthen your brand, and share your mission and values.

Is content the only way to do this?


Is content a powerful, cost-effective, endlessly customizable and flexible way to do this?

Oh, yes.

Through content marketing, I’ve established myself as a top-of-mind content creator and strategist in the workspace industry. I’ve traveled around the States, to Canada and to the UK speaking about and creating content for the coworking movement.

I run an online content community of over 1,000 space operators, I send out a weekly newsletter to 1,300+ space operators, I interview people furthering the coworking movement all over the world, I teach workshops and online trainings, and I've been invited to speak at numerous community-focused conferences and events.

I've established myself in the workspace industry with content.

It is powerful stuff.

If you’re not already harnessing the power of content for your space, you’re missing a golden opportunity to connect and engage with your target market and community.

So, how do you do it?

I'll show you.

Introducing the Coworking Content Lab

The Coworking Content Lab is a series of goal-focused work sprints for workspace operators and teams. 

As a Lab member, you meet over 7 weeks for group video calls every other Tuesday, from 9-10am Pacific time. During the calls, you'll share content challenges and wins, get feedback on your progress, ask questions, and set a goal to reach before the next call.

Things you can work on in the Lab:

  • Create a content marketing strategy and calendar
  • Learn what to blog about
  • Improve your social media marketing
  • Write your website copy
  • Write your marketing plan
  • Launch a blog for your space
  • Learn new skills around video, photography or design
  • Create downloads to use as lead magnets
  • Plan your event calendar and promotional strategy
  • Work on PR and outreach
  • Write articles about your space or community
  • ... or whatever else you need to focus on

Value of the Lab

How much is one new member worth to you?

What if you get five new leads from content? What's that worth to you?

How much would you pay to strengthen your brand, showcase your values and establish your space as a resource for your local community?

You can do all these things with content marketing.

But you have to do it right.

Working with Me

If you were to work with me one-on-one, my consultant rate is $199/hour.

In each Lab session, you get four hours of group coaching calls, ongoing strategy help and support from me...


  • A peer support community of fellow workspace operators focused on content
  • Guidance on creating engaging content that gets clicks and shares
  • Tips on creating a content marketing strategy
  • A private online group
  • Exclusive content
  • Group accountability for 7 weeks

You get all of this for $179, which is less than the price of one consultation call with me.

If you’re serious about using content to market your workspace, the Coworking Content Lab is the place to be.

Upcoming Lab

The next Lab session runs from February 26 — April 9.

Join us to level up your content in a community of space operators and industry service providers.


  • Jamie Russo, Everything Coworking, GWA, Enerspace
    Cat is the go-to when it comes to content marketing strategy for the shared workspace industry. Not only is she a content expert but she is immersed in the coworking industry. She really gets it. Her newsletter is one of the few in my inbox that gets opened every week.
    Jamie Russo, Everything Coworking, GWA, Enerspace
  • Bernie J Mitchell, Communication Strategist
    Having Cat help you with your content is like having Dave Grohl play drums in your band.
    Bernie J Mitchell, Communication Strategist
  • Tony Bacigalupo, New Work Cities
    Cat is a unique and powerful voice in the coworking movement. She's dedicated to learning about what's happening from every possible angle, analyzing what she finds, and sharing everything so we can all benefit. Coworking is better because Cat is a part of it.
    Tony Bacigalupo, New Work Cities
  • Susan Dorsch, Office Nomads
    Working with Cat is like a breath of fresh air. Cat knows the coworking industry inside and out, and her understanding of what makes great content is second to none. And if that weren’t enough, she’s organized, thorough, and simply a delight to work with.
    Susan Dorsch, Office Nomads
The Coworking Content Lab is like having an in-house content strategist for less than $26/week.

Members of the Lab get:

Group content coaching from writer and strategist Cat Johnson

Membership in the private Coworking Content Lab group

Exclusive content

Group accountability

and more

If you have any questions, contact me.


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