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Lab Learning

$49 / month

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Lab Community

$129 / month

Lab Coaching

$399 / month

Running a coworking space and community is challenging.

It’s a high-touch, always-on job that requires you to task switch constantly, be on-call for members, handle emotionally charged situations and problem solve on the fly.

Throw in surprise tech issues, plumbing disasters, an overdue newsletter, the bird that flew in and is now living in your rafters and, oh yeah, you’re out of half and half.

It’s a lot.

You’re building a community in your space and town but you’re feeling alone.

Don’t worry, friend. We’ve got you. And you’re definitely not alone.

The Lab is the club for indie coworking space operators just like you. 

You’ll learn about marketing strategy and brand tactics, but you’ll also be part of conversations, roundtables and workshops around leadership, entrepreneurship, member communications, hospitality, community building and so much more.

Cat and the Lab Community are your all-day-every-day support squad, cheerleaders, collaborators, teachers, students and friends.

We’re here to offer feedback, ideas, best practices, high fives on your best days, shoulders on your worst days, resources and friendship.

We see you. We get you. We are you.

See you inside.

Lab FAQs

Lab membership is month-to-month. 

We designed the Lab to work for you.

Workshops are recorded and dropped into the Lab Library; resources are available 24/7/365; and the Lab Slack is active at all hours, as we have members from around the world.

Absolutely! Lab member skill sets and experiences vary and dovetail nicely.

No one knows everything about marketing, leadership, community building, content creation, tools, tours, PR, in-space promotion, email, social media, business strategy, partnerships etc.

We’re a robust community of indie operators with 200+ years of coworking experience to tap into. If you want peer connection and support, the Lab is for you.