UPDATE: This session of the Lab is full. The next session will open in June.

Coworking Content Lab #2 runs May 7 - June 4. Space is limited. Register now to save your spot.

Amazing things happen in the Coworking Content Lab.

A five week, project-based work sprint, the Lab is a mastermind, accountability and group coaching all in one.

Lab members also have access to a private group to get feedback, connect with other members and collaborate.

Facilitated by coworking storyteller and content strategist Cat Johnson, the Lab is a powerful way to move projects forward.

Wins from the first session of the Lab include:

  • Attracting five leads and two new members with one blog post
  • Hitting 1,000 Instagram followers
  • Revitalizing a dormant podcast project
  • Developing a daily writing habit
  • Launching a book project
  • Reworking a content strategy to be more human
  • Developing a marketing plan for a coworking space
  • Launching a guided meditation project

All this is done in community, with specific goals and todos, and a spirit of mutual support and collaboration.

Lab sessions are limited to 10 people. They run for five weeks and members meet via video call every other week. On off weeks, we focus on the todos we create for ourselves to reach our goals.

If you have a coworking or community-based project you're ready to bring into the world, join us. 

  • Jamie Russo, Everything Coworking, GWA, Enerspace
    Cat is the go-to when it comes to content marketing strategy for the shared workspace industry. Not only is she a content expert but she is immersed in the coworking industry. She really gets it. Her newsletter is one of the few in my inbox that gets opened every week.
    Jamie Russo, Everything Coworking, GWA, Enerspace
  • Bernie J Mitchell, Communication Strategist
    Having Cat help you with your content is like having Dave Grohl play drums in your band.
    Bernie J Mitchell, Communication Strategist
  • Tony Bacigalupo, New Work Cities
    Cat is a unique and powerful voice in the coworking movement. She's dedicated to learning about what's happening from every possible angle, analyzing what she finds, and sharing everything so we can all benefit. Coworking is better because Cat is a part of it.
    Tony Bacigalupo, New Work Cities
  • Susan Dorsch, Office Nomads
    Working with Cat is like a breath of fresh air. Cat knows the coworking industry inside and out, and her understanding of what makes great content is second to none. And if that weren’t enough, she’s organized, thorough, and simply a delight to work with.
    Susan Dorsch, Office Nomads
The Coworking Content Lab is a mastermind, accountability and group coaching all in one.

Group content coaching from writer and strategist Cat Johnson

Membership in the private Coworking Content Lab group

Group accountability

Mastermind calls

and more

If you have any questions, contact Cat Johnson.

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