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Attract your ideal members, create engaging content and strengthen your coworking brand.

We see you.

Running your space, keeping your members happy, creating community and putting out all the little daily fires that come with workspace management.

Throw in updating the blog, staying on top of social media, sending out a regular newsletter, developing a marketing strategy, handling press outreach, creating video, updating your SEO and adding new photos to Google My Business.

It’s a lot.

But we’ve got you.

The Lab is a marketing club created to help coworking space operators and pros create smart and effective marketing campaigns and content across all of your channels. 

We are a community of coworking space operators, marketing experts and workspace industry insiders. We collectively answer your questions, teach you best practices, share resources and ideas, hold you accountable, and support you in the challenging-yet-totally-rewarding work of running a coworking space.
Sound good? Join us.
Get exclusive content and hands-on support, including:

Join coworking space operators and pros from around the world.

Lab Pro

$ 99
  • Group coaching
  • Pro templates + resources
  • Worksprints with the Lab community
  • Exclusive content
  • Private Slack
  • Peer support
  • Coworking Convos recordings
  • Exclusive discounts + deals
  • Access to industry-leading marketers

Lab FAQs

We think so. We’ve packed the Lab with resources, coaching, worksheets and recordings. We also have a very active Slack that is buzzing with ideas, mutual support, humanness and a good dose of humor. The feedback we receive from Lab members is that the value they get out of the Lab is worth far more than the membership fee.

Lab membership is month-to-month. 

You can cancel at any time if you’re not happy in the Lab.

We hear you—life can be hectic. So we designed the Lab to be available during times that work for you.

Coaching sessions are recorded and dropped into the Lab Library; resources are available 24/7/365; and the Lab Slack is active at just about any hour, as we have members from around the world.

We really like our Lab members, they really like each other and we genuinely enjoy hanging out and learning together. So community is a big part of the Lab.

That being said, the Lab is, first and foremost, an educational and support resource to help you level-up your marketing across social media, paid ads, blog, newsletter, SEO, videos and much more.

We exist to help you grow your community and business.

Absolutely. Lab members’ skill sets and experiences dovetail very nicely.

No one knows everything about marketing, content creation, tools, PR, in-space promotion, email marketing, social media platforms, video, livestream, etc. People share in areas they have some experience and learn in areas they don’t.