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366 days of coworking & community

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I wrote a book for you!

The Daily Co is a collection of thoughts, ideas and insights intended to inspire coworking space operators and community builders every day of the year.

Because community building is hard. It requires emotional intelligence, great communication skills, patience, creativity, vision and the ability to multitask like a master.

It’s also vital to creating a world of people who are connected, collaborative and activated. 

This is the potential and promise of coworking. And as any experienced coworking space operator can tell you, community is built one connection, one person, one experience, one day at a time.

What's Inside?

  • Insights
  • Tips
  • Strategies
  • Inspiration
  • Vision
  • Motivation
  • Heart

All for coworking community builders everywhere.


About Cat Johnson

Cat Johnson has deep roots in coworking. Having been a member of seven coworking spaces, she understands what makes a great space, a great member, a great team and what it looks like when all those things come together.

The Daily Co draws from Cat’s 10-plus years as a participant and way-pointer as coworking has grown from a movement into a global industry.

Cat has taught thousands of operators around the world, and particularly loves the community-focused indie brands.

A brand community strategist and community builder, Cat runs The Lab marketing club for indie spaces and Coworking Convos, a virtual event series for coworking space operators.

A longtime writer and creator, Cat’s work has appeared in dozens of publications, including Shareable, Mother Jones, Yes! Magazine, No Depression, AllworkSpace and Good Times.

She blogs at

US orders only, for now.
For 3 or more copies, use the bulk order form.
Get the ebook


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