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You Can’t Buy Community

Community, community, community! We talk a lot about community in coworking because community is your biggest differentiator. Someone can always out-spend you, out-fabulous you, out-flex you. But no one can

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My Word for the Year: Align

My word for 2023 is: align My intention is to -Align my mind, body, spirit and work-Practice self love and acceptance-Focus on what’s truly important-Simplify wherever possible-Serve courageously-Lead with gratitude-Trust

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Members of a coworking space

9 Simple Truths About Coworking

Coworking is growing so quickly that a whole segment of space owners, operators and community managers have joined the coworking industry—without having a sense of what makes a great coworking

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Coworking Out Loud Relaunch 🎉

After a short break turned into three years and a wild ride through a pandemic, Coworking Out Loud is back! A podcast for workspace operators, community builders and creators, Coworking

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Content Inspiration is Everywhere

You can find content inspiration everywhere. If you have the eyes to see it. Look for it in 👇 ConversationsExperiencesBlog postsBoredomMemoryStoriesVideosNatureDesignBooksMusicKidsLifeAdsJoyArt Let yourself be inspired by it all. ✨

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18 Ways I’ve Coworked this Month

Friendly reminder that you’re not selling desks and offices. You’re selling a work experience—a flexible, fun and creative experience that enables your members to do their best work. To illustrate

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What the Eff is Coworking?

I had a hilarious and insightful conversation this week that I absolutely must share with you. Last Tuesday, I was chatting with a young, brand new member of my home

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Coworking and Mr. Rogers

I finally got around to watching the Mr. Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor. I knew I’d be inspired, and I was. What I wasn’t expecting was to learn that

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An Open Letter to Coworking

Dear coworking, If I could talk to my pre-pandemic self, I’d tell her to buckle up. I’d tell her that she will become a different person—and that everyone around her

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