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We don’t hedge and we don’t hoard

Coworking Convos Q2 2024

A newish coworking space operator recently told me that she hadn’t heard of Coworking Convos

My immediate response was, “Oh, you have to come! You’ll love it.”

And if you’re a Convos regular, you know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing else like a Convo.

This monthly virtual event series to help coworking space operators learn, share and connect is a must-do for a growing number of operators, community managers and leaders who show up month after month, year after year, since 2019.

The approach we take for Coworking Convos is to keep them informal, fun, educational and hyper-focused on the coworking community. We’ve had more than 7,000 Convos participants and dozens of countries represented, including people who join from bed because it’s either really early or really late for them.

Newcomers are amazed at the level of generosity, collaboration and engagement during a Convo. Our guests and participants share their best tips, insights and strategies.

We don’t hedge and we don’t hoard. We show up for each other.

This rising-tide-lifts-all-boats mentality, as well as the fact that everyone has different strengths, areas of expertise, skillsets and weaknesses means that a guest one month will be a student the next, and vice versa.

The Convos ethos goes back to the earliest days of coworking, where a handful of people from around the world were creating spaces for people to connect, collaborate and level up their work.

Mutual support and information sharing was at the heart of the early coworking movement. By the time I joined in 2012, a spirit of generosity, openness and collaboration was well established among the coworking pioneers.

This spirit is what attracted me to coworking, keeps me in coworking, and drives my own work to make sure coworking stays rooted in humanness—even as it grows into a global industry.

Because without community, coworking is just work. It’s not interesting, innovative, visionary or fun.

As the coworking industry rolls on full steam ahead, my hope is that Coworking Convos can be a reminder of where we’ve been, and a catalyst for where we’re going—a future rooted in connection and generosity, built by activated people doing their best work.

Thank you to all of you who attend Coworking Convos month after month. 

Thank you to the small-but-mighty CJ Co extended team who keep this whole thing rolling.

And thank you to our Convos Partners: CoworksGCUCPilotoMailIsofySyncaroo.

And our Convos Supporters: SALTOSpacefullySpacebringDeskworksRayon and This Week in Coworking.

Coworking is better with you all in it.


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