50+ Blog Post Prompts for Busy Coworking Space Teams


If you ever sit down at the computer with the intention of writing a post for your coworking blog and end up staring at a blank screen wondering what to write about, I have some tough love for you:

You’re doing it wrong.

By the time you sit down to write, you should know, not only what you’re going to write, but you should have already brainstormed everything you want to say and have your points organized into an outline.

I know, it sounds a lot like school—and it kind of is.

But it’s also the most effective way to get your coworking story, brand and message out into the world.

Coworking Blog Post Ideas

If you find yourself sitting down at the computer wondering what to put on your coworking blog, I can help.

Here are 50+ post ideas to break the procrastination seal and help get your content into the world.

1. Share an inspiring or motivational story from your space or community

2. Round up the best collaborative or organizational tools people in your space use

3. Do a short Q&A with someone presenting in your space

4. Write an explainer about how your team uses a tool (Slack, Trello, Asana, etc.)

5. Turn frequently asked questions into blog posts

6. Round up interesting projects your members are working on

7. Do a Q&A with one of your members

8. Share helpful tips for thriving in your space and community

9. Share a few takeaways from a relevant video or podcast you liked

10. Share your vision for the space and community

11. Ask members to share their vision for the space and community

12. Share one of the challenges your space faces and how you’re addressing it

13. Respond to an article or blog post that’s making the rounds on social media

14. Review a local service that caters to entrepreneurs or freelancers

15. Share a video you enjoyed, with commentary about why you liked it

16. Riff on current events and how they relate to your community

17. Share funny quotes you’ve overheard in your coworking space

18. Debunk a myth or misunderstanding about coworking

19. Share one of your failures and how you grew from it

20. Share one of your successes and how you built on it

21. Share one of the things you’d like to do and any challenges it poses

22. Do a recap of events, news, wins, etc.

23. Share member tips for making the most of the space and community

24. Share member book recommendations

25. Share member tips for best local eateries and must-see’s

26. Summarize and link to a resource or tool you find useful

27. Share your thoughts on the global coworking movement

28. Share your thoughts on building and maintaining community in the rapidly-growing workspace industry

29. Tell the origin story of your space and community

30. Compare and contrast two popular tools or apps

31. Hold an Ask Me Anything event and share the responses

32. Write an open letter to your community

33. Create a photo essay of the last month, season or year in your space

34. Ask a member of your community to write a guest post

35. Round up relevant people (local and otherwise) to follow on social media

36. Write about something you struggle with and how you hope to fix it

37. Round up the best apps for entrepreneurs and freelancers

38. Provide key takeaways from a recent event or presentation

39. Write an open letter introducing your extended community to coworking

40. Share your favorite pro tips and life hacks

41. Round up useful videos for your members

42. Do a Q&A with your community manager

43. Have a local pro share tips for public speaking and presenting

44. Create a list of funny or relevant gifs

45. Have a local pro share marketing or bookkeeping tips

46. Share the history of your coworking space

47. Share some little-known facts about your community

48. Share some interesting factoids about your city or neighborhood

49. Create a list of well-being tips for entrepreneurs and freelancers

50. Talk to members about how you can improve the space and community then share their feedback

51. Write a coworking manifesto to put your grand vision into the world

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