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Advice From a Six-Figure Freelancer

Advice From a Six-Figure Freelancer

Two years ago, copywriter Joel Klettke turned down a six-figure job offer to strike out on his own as a freelancer. Two years later, he was making 28% more than that six-figure offer.

He wrote about his experience and shared, in detail, nine lessons he learned along the way. Here are a few of my favorite tips and quotes:

Confidence Changes Everything
“Nobody ever hit a home run by bunting. And as a freelancer, nobody is going to go to bat for you except yourself.”

Never Underestimate the Power of a Single Connection
“Whether it’s a client, acquaintance, new friend or fellow freelancer – try to treat everyone with respect and leave them better than you found them.”

Trust Your Gut (Every. Single. Time.)
“Every single time I’ve gambled against my gut instinct on a decision, I’ve lost – and you will, too.”

Money Matters – But Only So Much
“There’s so much more to this than money.”

Klettke concludes with my new favorite quote about freelancing: “Don’t freelance because you want to make a living – freelance because you want to make a life.”

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Photo by fsecart (CC-BY-20)