The Best Way to Predict the Future of Coworking



The best way to predict the future of coworking is to share your experience in the Global Coworking Survey.

The survey is open to space operators, members, former members, former operators, and those considering opening a space. It is key to helping us understand and measure the global coworking movement.

Now in its seventh year, the Global Coworking Survey provides insights and data that we all spend the next year sharing and talking about. The accuracy of the survey depends on all of us in the coworking movement participating.

Take the survey today and share it with your members and coworking friends. It only takes about 10 minutes.

The Global Coworking Survey digs into the numbers and coworking experience of members and owners alike. Some of the most interesting insights about coworking, such as the fact that coworking makes people happier, less lonely, more productive and more engaged, come from the members, so please do share it with them.

The Coworking Out Loud Newsletter, full of shared workspace insights and content tips for space operators, gets sent out every Thursday. Join the community.

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo CC0

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