Content Marketing for Coworking Spaces: 6 Ways to Make Content Work for You


Updated 1/7/2023

One of the most powerful aspects of content marketing is that it can be used for just about anything.

Coworking spaces, dog walkers, tool libraries, software companies, coffee roasters, musicians and more can all create interesting, engaging content that supports their community and strengthens their brand.

Do you want to attract new members? Stand out in a crowded market? Showcase your existing community? Contribute to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem? Help further the global coworking movement?

Creating content is a powerful way to do all of these things.

Here are six ways to make content work for your coworking space.

1. Leverage your community advantage

Community-based organizations, such as coworking spaces, already have the seeds of great content.

You’re doing interesting, engaging work in your community and content can bring those efforts into the light.

Leverage this advantage with your content.

Tell the stories of your community, showcase the cool things you’re doing in your space, document the community impact you and your members have, provide tools, tips and resources to help people collaborate, create stronger connections, and grow their businesses.

By doing this, you serve your existing community and introduce yourself to the extended community of people who may become members or who may help amplify your message.

2. Produce original social media content

Building and maintaining a strong presence on social media requires that you regularly share information, ideas, links, videos and photos.

The content that sets you apart is the content you create yourself.

Yes, the latest productivity post from Entrepreneur, or the latest Inc. article about coworking may be interesting, but everyone is already sharing those.

With original content, you have an opportunity to stand out and share your unique perspective.

3. Create an engaging email newsletter

Once you’ve published content, you can share it via email, which is the best way to directly reach people.

Social media platforms are great, but don’t count on them staying the same, because they won’t.

If you focus all your attention on growing an audience on a particular social media platform, you may find yourself seriously disappointed when they change the rules or disappear entirely.

It’s like building on rented property. It may serve you for a time but, in the end, the platform is not yours.

An acquaintance of mine tells a crazy story about this. She built an audience of 40,000 followers on the video streaming app Meerkat. When Meerkat shut down, she lost all 40,000 of her followers.


Unlike other platforms, your email list is yours. People have given you permission to contact them, which is a huge privilege.

Once you have that permission, continue to earn it by sharing interesting, valuable information and content.

When you have original content to share, you have a good reason for getting in touch.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re trying to educate your local community about coworking, or if you’re in a crowded coworking market, creating an SEO strategy should be high on your priority list.

Focus on being found for specific keyword phrases and you can start moving up the search engine rankings.

By creating consistent, keyword-rich content that your target audience is searching for, you can boost your SEO results.

5. Strengthen your brand

What do you stand for? What is your space about? Why is it amazing?

With content, you can showcase your members, show the culture of your unique collaborative community, share your ideas and values, and differentiate your space.

Humans love stories and if you want to make your space top-of-mind when people think of coworking, you need to tell relevant, memorable stories about your members, space and brand.

6. Serve your community

If you have a genuine desire to help freelancers and independent professionals, content is a good way to go. You can provide resources, how-tos, insights and tools.

Find out what your community struggles with then create content that answers their questions and helps them navigate their challenges.

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