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10 Tools to Capture (Your Brilliant) Content Ideas


The first step to creating a content workflow for your coworking space is to have a way to capture your content ideas as you have them.

Have you ever had an idea for the greatest piece of content ever, only to find that a few hours later you can’t remember what your great idea was?

It happens to me all the time.

So, to save ourselves the headache of trying to retrace our mental steps to retrieve our genius idea, we capture those ideas as we have them.

Honestly, this post could end right here.

Capture your ideas.

But, for those of us nerdy types who love a good list of tools, I’ve compiled some of my favorites to help you capture and organize your content ideas.

1. Google Docs

Good old Google Docs. If you’re like me, you live much of your worklife in Google. Don’t overcomplicate the process. Create a Google Doc for your ideas and start adding them. Be sure to download the app so you can add to your list when you’re away from your computer (which is, of course, when the best ideas strike).

2. Project Management Tools

I love a good project management tool.

In fact, I may have a shiny object syndrome issue around project management. I always want to check out the latest, greatest tools. My current go-to’s are Asana and Trello. I use those two for client work, my own projects, business roadmaps, brain dumps and idea capture.

Find a project management tool that works for you and your life will never be the same.

3. Evernote

Evernote has been around a while. It doesn’t get the attention of some of the new tools on the block, but it does what it does really well.

If you’re already working in Evernote, save yourself the learning curve of a new tool and capture your ideas there. Bonus, you can also use Evernote to create and manage your content.

4. Spreadsheet

I collaborate with some people who live and breath spreadsheets.

While that’s not me, I have come around on their usefulness.

And now that we have Airtable to play with (See, I told you I have a shiny object syndrome issue.), we can make spreadsheets that look not very spreadsheet-ish.

So that’s cool.

I will say, the layout of a spreadsheet is perfectly suited to capture ideas, create a content calendar, and keep track of content-related tasks.

If you like the at-a-glance view spreadsheets offer, dump your content ideas into Airtable, Google Sheets or Excel (if you’re a traditionalist).

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5. Phone Notes

This is the low-hanging fruit. Your phone and other gadgets have a notes app. Create a note for your ideas and start dumping them in there.

The app is always with you and, when you sync to your computer, you can access your ideas when it’s time to sit down and organize your content marketing.

6. Voice Recorder

Your phone and other gadgets also likely have a built-in voice recorder.

If not, there are tons of apps out there to choose from.

If you do your best brainstorming when you’re on-the-move, get in the habit of creating voice memos of your content ideas.

Tip: You can also use your voice recorder to draft content, such as blog posts. Writing isn’t for everyone. If talking into your recorder is a better fit for you, do that. You can then transcribe (or have someone else, or a service, do it), and quickly turn it into written content.

7. Google Keep

Google Keep is a cool little note taking app.

I kind of ignored this one for a while, but recently started playing with it and actually like it—especially when I’m brainstorming on the go.

Warning though: Keep is inviting and easy to use, so you may end up with a ton of lists. Exercise a little discipline around capturing your content ideas into one Google Keep list so you always know where to find them.

8. Go Offline

If you do your best brainstorming offline, grab a notebook or sketchbook, designate it your content idea capture book, and start brainstorming.

With this strategy, you’ll want the notebook to be small enough that you can carry it with you. Otherwise, you’re going to lose some brilliant ideas in the space between having them and sitting down at your notebook.

9. Post-It’s on the Wall

If you have an office, or wall of your own, use Post-It’s to capture and organize your ideas.

I’m a huge fan of Post-It organizational strategy and do it all the time.

With Post-It’s, you’re forced to be concise to fit everything onto one note, and their movability gives them a flexibility I really appreciate. You can cluster ideas, topics, dates etc. then transfer them to your content creation tools.

10. Don’t Overthink It

Really, don’t spend too much time working out the best tool for you. In reality, Crayons and butcher paper, or spray paint on the side of your building would serve the purpose.

The point is to capture content ideas as you have them.

Having a collection of solid content ideas to choose from is the first step in creating a pro content workflow and strategy.

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