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30 Actions to Look After Ourselves and Each Other


Every month, Action for Happiness creates a calendar of things to do to increase wellness, happiness and connection.

The calendars are full cool ideas and tips.

The organization recently released a Coping Calendar, with the advice to keep calm, stay wise, and be kind while the world is in crisis.

The calendar has an action for every day of a month. My favorites include:

  • Share what you’re feeling and be willing to ask for help
  • Respond positively to everyone you interact with
  • Notice five things that are beautiful in the world around you
  • Call a loved one to catch up and really listen to them
  • Take five minutes to sit still and breathe. Repeat regularly
  • Make some progress on a project that matters to you
  • Rediscover your favorite music
  • Learn something new or do something creative
  • Look for the good in others and notice their strengths
  • Have a tech-free day
  • Find and share positive stories
  • Remember that all feelings and situations pass in time

See more and download the Coping Calendar at Action for Happiness.

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