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A Coworking Alphabet for the COVID-19 Era


A: Acceptance

B: Breathe

C: Create and collaborate

D: Dig deep and distance yourself

E: Engage with your people

F: Focus on friendship

G: Give thanks

H: Honor your fears then let them go

I: Innovate

J: Joyfully belong

K: Keep your head up

L: Love hard and laugh hard

: Meditate daily

N: Naps are your friend

O: Open your perspectives

: Play

: Quiet time

R: Revitalize, don’t just chill

S: Selfcare

T: Trust your community

U: Unearth hidden strengths

: Value your connections

W: We’re in this together

X: eXplore new ways of thinking and being

: You’ve got this

Z: Zig, zag, Zoom and figure it out