Coworking Convos: A Peek Behind the Scenes

Coworking Convos Q2 2022

As anyone who has attended a Coworking Convo knows, Convos is a community-focused project.

Without you, there is no Convo.

But there are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes and a monster checklist of todos that get checked off for every Convo.

As we hit the midway point of 2022, I thought I’d share a sneak peek behind the scenes of Coworking Convos.

🚀 24 Convos and Counting

After 24 Convos, it still makes my heart race to welcome coworking friends from around the world, help our guests shine and keep things moving during the Convo. What a trip! What a job! What a gift!

Here’s to many more conversations and connections.

🙌 Coworking Convos Community

The Convos community is a smart, cool, generous representation of the coworking world and I’m honored to call so many of you friends. We have conferenced together, retreated together, supported each other, celebrated wins, cried it out together, amplified each other’s messaging across social media and, of course, Convo’d together.

Thanks for all you bring to Convos and the community.

✨ The Convos Vibe

Coworking Convos is, by design, informal and community-focused. We do our best to set a tone of connection, openness, inclusion and belonging. If you’re here, you’re in.

I find that informality surfaces the most authentic connections and insights. It’s hard to feel like yourself if you’re consumed with presentation and what people think of you. So we skip the formalities and go right to the good stuff.

Convos is a come as you are kind of thing. The focus is on learning, sharing and connecting. But, heads-up, we will ask you to turn on your camera so we can see you and get to know you.

📈 Convos Growth + Numbers

I’m a creative at heart. If I could, I’d spend all day writing, strategizing, playing my guitar and doodling in my sketchbook.

So I have people on my team who are all about the metrics.

Here are some interesting Coworking Convos numbers:

🙏 Our Amazing Convos Sponsor Community

Our Partners and Supporters are industry-leading brands and all-around amazing humans. I’ve learned a lot about working with sponsors over the last two years. The biggest takeaway is to partner with people and companies that believe in your vision and align nicely with your community.

I work very closely with our Partners at GCUC, Syncaroo, PilotoMail and our newest Partner, Coworks. We collaborate on numerous projects and support each other throughout the year. So I’m picky about who I partner with. When we introduce a new Coworking Convos Partner or Supporter into our community, you can know that they are good people doing good work, in coworking and beyond.

🤩 New Convos Logo and Branding

You may have noticed that we recently rebranded Coworking Convos. When I launch a new project, I like to test it, make sure that there’s a there there, then go all-in on growing and building it out.

Convos has certainly proven itself, so we invested in a rebrand this year with our designer, Imran Khushal. I am over the moon about the new look and the whole brand glow-up that Imran did for us. It captures the essence of Convos and also leaves us plenty of room to grow and continue evolving under the Coworking Convos brand.

💛 Coworking Loves Collaboration

I’d be hard pressed to say what my favorite Convo has been. After every single one, I think, “That was one of the best ever.” Which says so much about our Convos guests and participants. The generosity of knowledge and insights shared are always sky high.

People from outside of coworking are mystified as to how a bunch of “competitors” can be so damn collaborative.

Welcome to coworking, mate, where collaboration always beats competition.

🗓 Next Up

Our tentative Coworking Convos schedule through November is:

  • Attracting Remote Workers to Your Space (July)
  • Educating Your Community About Coworking (August)
  • PR Strategies for Coworking Spaces (September)
  • Lead-Gen for Indie Coworking Spaces (October)
  • Using Your Member Wall as a Marketing Tool (November)

😎 Catch Up and Level Up

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