Coworking Depends on Us


Workspace news can be overwhelming.

The industry side of the shared space sector makes a lot of noise about billion dollar valuations, grand spaces and epic failures.

But it’s only one branch of the mighty coworking tree.

I have no problem with the workspace industry. From a member perspective, it’s exciting to see workspaces level-up as we independent professionals level-up. I love seeing spaces that offer pro podcast rooms, zoom-enabled areas, top-tier programming, virtual memberships, in-house espresso bars and locally-made kombucha, lively event areas, and hip meeting rooms.

As a member, I want that.

It’s nice to see coworking mature and grow.

I’m also acutely aware that the people who have stepped forward right now to lead, connect and support each other tend to be from the coworking side of things.

Coworking is built on a foundation of connection—not commercial real estate. A coworking community can be placed in any situation, any building, any space, any pandemic and still be a vibrant, connected community.

Our coworking movement doesn’t depend on valuations and market speculation.

It depends on us.

Coworking is about much more than workspace.

It’s about creating the world we want to live in—a world that is connected, collaborative, open, inclusive, diverse and neighborly.

It’s inspiring to be part of this movement which, in the face of a pandemic, has pivoted, tightened our global connections, helped each other, innovated our offerings, shared resources and tears, and gotten to work creating the new present—and future.

Some spaces will not make it through this, but coworking will. And, at the other side of this dark time, there is a brilliant future—if we make it so.

If you’re struggling, move closer to your community—your local community and the global coworking community.

We’re here for you and, one way or another, we will see you through.


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