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Learn to Love Your Coworking Newsletter

Last week, a woman at GCUC Canada told me the newsletter she sends out for her coworking space was, “the bane of her existence.”

It was pretty funny, but I cringed just a bit.

Your email list is arguably the most important tool you have to market your space.

When someone gives you their email, they’re giving your their trust, confidence and permission.

Take that very seriously.

Put your best efforts into your email and newsletter.

In 2016, I sent the first Coworking Out Loud Newsletter to a very small list.

I’ve sent my newsletter out every Thursday since, and now it goes to 1,750-plus coworking space operators and pros.

It’s far and away my post powerful content tool. It goes hand-in-hand with my other content, such as blog posts, videos, trainings, accountability sprints, the Coworking Out Loud Podcast etc.

If your newsletter is the bane of your existence…or if you simply want to get all my best tips for creating a newsletter worth reading, join us Wednesday, November 13 for this month’s virtual training, How to Create a Newsletter Your Members Will Love.

Hope to see you there!

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