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Get Your Call to Action Right: Pro Tips for Space Operators


Picture this: Two people meet, they have some shared interests and they’d like to spend more time together. When they’re saying goodbye there’s that moment when they’re standing there like, “Well, I’ll see you later.”

One of them might say, “I work in the coffee shop across the street. Come by and say hi.” Or the other could say, “They’re closing this street to cars tomorrow. Do you want to meet and walk around?” Or they could ask to exchange numbers.

These are small steps, but they move the friendship forward.

That’s the job of your call to action (CTA).

Move Things Forward

When you have the attention of a potential member and they’re wondering how to further things, make it crystal clear how they can do that.

Help them move things forward with you.

In coworking, your marketing strategy centers on bringing people who are a good fit into your space and community; filling offices; booking meeting rooms; activating your open coworking space (physically distanced, of course); growing your virtual membership; upselling people to dedicated desks, etc.

Your content is a powerful tool to catch the attention of your target market, position your brand, and do some storytelling to engage people.

But it’s not enough to stop there.

Don’t Chase Vanity Metrics

One thousand people reading a blog post is nice…but traffic is ultimately a vanity metric.

50 of those people clicking through on your CTA, however, is content marketing.

The CTA is an essential component of content. Say someone is intrigued by your headline, clicks through and reads the post, is impressed and wants to know more about you and your offerings.

What do you want them to do now?

Schedule a tour of your space? Attend a virtual happy hour to get to know your community? Visit the space in-person? Book a meeting room? Give you their email in exchange for a download or resource (This is called a lead magnet and it’s a common lead generation strategy)? Call or email you? Take a virtual tour? Click through to a special offer?

Relevant Next Step

What is a high converting, relevant next step?

If someone is visiting your blog for the first time, chances are slim they’re going to join as a full-time office member right there.

Chances are higher that they’ll take a virtual tour, or call you with questions.

Make sure your content and CTA are aligned—that the CTA furthers their engagement with you.

If they read a post about meeting room rental for small teams and your CTA is a special on dedicated desks, there’s a disconnect between the content and the action.

What’s the next step for people to take with you from that post?

Give them a clear, easy way to do that.

Not everyone will take action. But if you don’t ask, no one will.

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