8 End-of-Year Ideas for Your Coworking Blog

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Updated December 8, 2022

Ready to get serious about your coworking blog?

Start now with some end-of-year posts.

This is a good time of year for lists, recaps and predictions. People like to read them, they’re a great way to finish out a year and they let us touch in with our extended communities.

Here are eight end-of-year blog post ideas for your coworking space.

1. The Year in Review

What were some of the high (or low) points of the year in your space? Was there any big news? What about changes, celebrations, memorable photos or challenges?

Look back over your calendar and do a recap of the year.

Tip: Be sure to cover the human elements. Don’t just make a list of dates and happenings. What happened, why was it meaningful, and how did it impact your coworking community?

2. Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year

If you’ve been creating content regularly, you can look back on what blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts etc. were the most popular.

Look at your analytics, see which ones performed the best, and pull out the top 5 or 10 for a roundup-style blog post.

I suggest writing a short blurb about each post, including an image, and linking back to the original content.

Tip: Be straightforward with your headline. For example: “XYZ Coworking’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022.” This will catch the attention of your extended community members who want to look back to relive the moments and make sure they didn’t miss anything.

3. Looking Forward

What do you have planned for 2023 in your coworking space?

Any news, announcements, changes, additions or moves on the horizon?

The end of the year is a fantastic time to let your community in on some of the big picture plans, ideas and vision for your coworking space, community or team.

4. New Year’s Resolutions

Do you love resolutions? Do you hate them?

Either way, it’s fun to hear other peoples’ resolutions and goals for the new year.

For your content, you could crowdsource a roundup your members’ resolutions. Or you can share some of your own resolutions (or non-resolutions, if that’s more your style).

This post can be silly, smart, insightful, helpful, whatever works for you and your community.

5. Shine the Spotlight on Community Partners

‘Tis the season for nonprofits and community organizations to fundraise like crazy.

Are there any organizations you partner with, support or are aligned with?

Round up a few of them, along with some of the reasons you support them, into a post or even micropost on social media. Your call to action can be to ask readers to support them, as well.

Tip: Let the organizations know that you’ve included them in a post. They’ll likely share the post with their communities, help spread the word about your space and amplify your brand values.

6. Best-of Lists

I love a best-of list, and I’m not alone. These type of posts are wildly popular because most of us like to see a nice roundup of the best things around.

To jump on the best-of craze, get creative about what your members and your extended community might like to learn more about.

Topics can range from technology, productivity tools and project management software, to the best local lunch joints, coffee roasters, nearby walking paths, etc.

Tip: For best results, ask around for this post. You’ll hear lots of ideas you hadn’t thought of and your community will have a sense of ownership of the post.

7. Resources for Local Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

You know what coworking people love? To be turned onto resources and tools that make their lives easier, their energy better spent, their time more valuable and their revenue larger.

There are likely numerous local resources and tools in your town for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. Take the time to round up some of the most helpful ones with a blurb about each and a link to learn more.

Your roundup could include regular events, small business development offerings, city or county business programming, networking groups or opportunities, meetups, conferences, business mentorship programs and internship opportunities.

Tip: Be sure to include your coworking space as one of the local resources. These types of roundups can be great drivers of traffic to your website. Include a clear call to action inviting readers to come in for a tour, call your space, claim a free day pass or whatever other offer is aligned with your marketing and lead gen.

8. Quotes of the Year

Do you keep track of funny or smart “overheards” at your space? If so, compile your favorites into a post.

These posts are fun for you and your community to look back on memorable moments, and a good way for your extended community to see what your space, community and culture are all about.

Tip: Capture funny and insightful overheards throughout the year. They make amazing content and timecapsules of your community.

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