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11 reasons to attract different generations to your coworking space


1. Create a rich culture and coworking community: Coworking communities thrive on different people interacting.

2. Bring in a diversity of skills and work experience: The more skills and experience in a coworking community, the better.

3. House a variety of perspectives, personalities and life experience: Everyone has something valuable to offer a coworking community.

4. Challenge assumptions about age and generational differences: Individuals are so much more than the cultural stereotypes we’re fed.

5. Create collaborative possibilities: Great collaborations stretch across different ideas, perspectives and ages.

6. Set an inclusive vibe: Don’t forget to be age inclusive in your coworking space.

7. Tap into the earned wisdom of each generation: Embrace the massive amount of earned wisdom different generations bring—much of it unappreciated and untapped.

8. Avoid monoculture: Cultures of sameness are boring. Create something extraordinary.

9. Create a culture of mutual support: Members of all ages helping and supporting one another will create a strong, resilient and lasting brand community.

10. Reflect your extended community: People have to be able to see themselves in your community before they’ll want to join your community.

11. Fun, friendship and belonging: Thriving coworking communities are places of belonging—whoever your members and market may be. Extend this sense of belonging to people of all ages and your space will thrive.

Bonus: Inspire cross-generational mentorship: Having a mix of generations in a coworking space can foster opportunities for both reverse and traditional mentorship, enriching the community with shared knowledge and experiences. (Shared by Eric Moore on LinkedIn)


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