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7 Instagram Marketing Resources for Coworking Spaces


The last couple of months, I’ve been getting real with my Instagram marketing.

I’m more active and more strategic on the platform and I’m spending more time putting best practices into place.

I’m also consolidating my Instagram activity under @catjohnsonco instead of trying to manage multiple accounts.

Coworking Instagram

As you might imagine, my Instagram feed is full of coworking spaces—from tiny community spaces to scaled workspace brands and everything in-between.

Some spaces are killing it with Instagram. Others are almost non-existent on the platform, or are just sharing random images, without much thought to audience, content, engagement and calls to action.

If you’re killing it on Insta, drop your handle into the comments below. I want to make sure I’m following you.

If you’re not killing it, don’t worry. Room for improvement is a good thing. You’ll get more comfortable and successful the more you use the platform.

Using Instagram Intentionally

When I decided to get more intentional about using Instagram to market my business, events and offerings, I asked Karina Patel, director of marketing at CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces to help me.

Karina is a marketing expert and an Instagram wiz. She’s taught me just about everything I know about Instagram marketing and transformed how I think about the platform (including Instagram Stories).

Karina and I recently co-hosted an Intro to Instagram training and an advanced Instagram for coworking spaces training. On February 19, we’re co-hosting a one-hour virtual training on Instagram Stories for workspace operators.

If you need an overview of the basics of Instagram marketing for coworking spaces, grab the replay of the introductory training. If you’re ready to level-up, check out the advanced training.

Here are seven more resources to help you market your coworking space on Instagram:

1. 100 Instagram Hashtags for Coworking Spaces

Instagram is hot, hot, hot right now as a marketing tool, for coworking spaces…and everybody else. Hashtags are a good way to expand your reach on the platform and connect with your audience. Here are 100+ Instagram hashtags for coworking spaces. If you’d like a pdf download of the hashtags, it’s available for free in the Coworking Content Shop.

2. 5 Key Elements to Rock Your Coworking Instagram Marketing Strategy

Before you start planning your Instagram posts and arranging things so that they are visually appealing, you need to understand Instagram’s jargon.

  • Gallery: a curated display of content telling a story about your brand. Your gallery is all the photos you have posted on your profile.
  • Story: stories have a life-span of 24 hours and they are displayed at the top of a follower’s timeline. Stories are great for announcements, live events, or behind the scenes videos or photos.
  • Highlights: highlights are stories that can live permanently on your profile. They are a curated collection of your instagram stories and can be watched anytime.
  • Feed: a feed is a collection of the content posted by the people you follow; it’s what users see on their Instagram home screen.

Now that you know the basics about Instagram, here are 5 key elements to a successful Instagram strategy.

3. Instagram Marketing: an Introduction for Coworking Spaces

In this joint training, my co-host Karina Patel shows you how to leverage the reach and engagement of Instagram to strengthen your brand, generate leads, attract members, showcase your community and much more.

4. Advanced Instagram Marketing for Coworking Spaces

In this training, Karina and I dive into advanced Instagram marketing strategies for workspace operators, including:

  • Advanced Instagram Stories
  • How to grow follower count
  • Tracking and analyzing growth rate month over month
  • Building Instagram ads
  • Giveaways
  • Collaborations
  • Best Instagram tools for space operators
  • Tracking Instagram campaigns

5. 8 Types of Content to Post on Instagram: a Guide for Coworking Space Operators

As a coworking space operator, you’d be wise to leverage the popularity and reach of Instagram.

But coming up with original content to share, day after day, week after week, isn’t always easy. If you’re overly promotional, Instagram users tune you out, but if you’re not promotional enough, you may not get the marketing impact you desire.

Here are eight types of content for coworking space operators to post on Instagram.

6. 7 Things Coworking Spaces Need to Know about Instagram Marketing

Of the one billion users on Instagram, 75% take some sort of action after seeing a post. Here are some Instagram marketing basics coworking spaces can leverage for their business.

7. 5 Ways to Promote Your Coworking Space on Instagram

To promote your coworking space on Instagram, you need to make sure your posts evoke genuine emotions among your users.

The people you are targeting should be able to see themselves working at your coworking space. You can use filters on your photos, targeted messaging, and happy colors to achieve this.

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