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Focused and Courageous Marketing for Your Coworking Space


We have something special going on in The Lab, our workspace marketing club. CoLabbers are getting organized, focused and courageous with their marketing, strategy, outreach and content.

It’s exciting and inspiring to see.

But you don’t want to hear from me how great the Lab is, so I thought I’d let some of our members do the talking with some of their wins and milestones below.

“Since finding Cat, my confidence has sky-rocketed in understanding both what my members want to hear and what my potential members want to hear…. and that shows in my marketing on both social platforms and emails, as my conversion rates on tours and enquiries are at their highest.”
—Karen Tait, The Residence Coworking

“With the support of my colabbers, I’ve created a new brand that I’m super stoked about.”
—Ann Long, Burbity Workspaces

“The Lab helped teach me where and when to post and market to my ideal attendee.
I also have my other big win: Learning how to write and execute a marketing plan helped me get a raise and make necessary changes and upgrades to the space.”
—Christina McCormick, ProjectY Cowork

“Marketing overwhelm is a real thing! But being part of the Lab has helped me identify the most effective marketing strategies and build a sustainable rhythm. I’m no longer intimidated by marketing. I embrace it as a chance to connect with my audience to provide value.”
—Christy Alexander, WorkSmart

“The Lab has been the perfect place to learn how to implement new marketing tactics and tools that support my strategies. Subscribers have increased 13% in 2021.”
—Katharine Chestnut, Alkaloid Networks

“Consistent email newsletters have been a game changer for me! With all the new shiny things out there, Cat’s Lab reminds us to do a few things really well – starting with the basics.”
—Daryn DeZengotita, Table Coworking

“Having all of my content planned out and written for a full month for the coworking space. And having an easy to put together newsletter that goes out when I need it to. The built in worksprints helped with that and the ability to tap into the resources available in the lab.”
—Gael Gilliland, ConnectWork on Main

“We wrote and executed a marketing plan for 2021. It wouldn’t have happened without the wealth of knowledge and support from you and our fellow CoLabbers!”
—Jessica Erickson, Dayhouse Coworking

“Thanks to the Lab I have a newsletter template I love and a process for sharing all of the great things happening at Indy Commons. I no longer dread coming up with content or sending it out!”
—Kate Schwarzler, Indy Commons

“I ​​joined the Lab as I knew it is a trusted resource in the flex space industry for marketing and content training and support. I’ve changed industries but the Lab is the place to give me the support for the heavy lift that is taking on marketing campaigns. First step was creating a newsletter … I stalled and stalled and stalled because I could figure out how to make a content-driven consistent effort. The Lab’s training gave me the aha and the worksprints give me the committed space to get it done. First Wednesday of each month, I am happy to say, the SUPER® Certification newsletter hits our subscribers’ in-boxes.”
—Tracy Wilson, SUPER®

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