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What Makes a Great Coworking Space? [infographic]


There are a ton of different types of coworking spaces, with more being built all the time.

Some cater to rock climbers, some to social good businesses, some to women, some to startup teams, some to artists, some to musicians.

Some of the spaces are corporate-y and some are chill and comfy. In the coworking universe, there’s something for everyone.

But when you look below the surface, coworking spaces are a lot more alike than they are different (kind of like us humans). They have places to sit, wifi, coffee and people.

But, where some spaces are vibrant and thriving, others are flat and boring.


I crunched mountains of data and here’s what I found:

Your building and interior design may be jaw-dropping, your location prime, your wifi fast and reliable, and your coffee strong.

But what makes your coworking space—what makes any coworking space—great, is the community: a collection of engaged people who care about the space and each other.

After all, coworking without community is just working.


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