Coworking Out Loud Podcast 005 – Vulnerability When Things Are Falling Apart

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Coworking Out Loud Podcast 005 - Vulnerability When Things Are Falling Apart

Heads-up: This episode is emotional, raw and real. If that’s not your thing, or if you’re not in the space to go there right now, better skip this one.

This episode of the Coworking Out Loud Podcast terrifies me.

The first version of episode 005 was me chatting about getting started with your content—not letting fear and over-analysis keep you from creating content. The reality is, you have to start to learn how to do it. You can’t analyze your way to good content.

But listening back to the recording, it felt flat and inauthentic. So I recorded this, which is me sharing some real, hard insights into my year and life right now. Since June, I’ve lost three young people in my immediate circle. It’s been heartbreaking and impossibly difficult.

If you’re here for this level of real, have a listen. If you make it through, please do reach out to me with your stories, experience and strategies for keeping it all together professionally when things are falling apart personally.

Thanks for listening.

I’m doing fine. I recorded this last week at an absolute low emotional point. After recording this episode, I felt like I had turned the corner on some of this and have been feeling clear, connected and grateful ever since.

If you’re wondering why I shared this it’s because I want to live, and work, in a world where we can be honest, authentic, vulnerable and powerful. Pretending to be perfect is boring and toxic. I want to spend my time with people who treasure genuine connection between humans, in all our messy glory. I want to be brave enough to be myself in this world and I figure this is a good opportunity to practice.

Here’s Trevor Twining’s blog post about depression that I mention
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