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5 Resources for Siloed Coworking Space Operators

I recently had a chat with a coworking space operator who is feeling siloed from other space operators. They run a fantastic space and growing brand but they’re not tapping into the global coworking community.

Which is a huge missed opportunity.

So I shared the following five resources to help them and their team tap into the connected, collaborative and generous global coworking community, and keep tabs on what’s happening in the flex industry.

The list is far from exhaustive. But if you’re also feeling siloed, it will help you find your industry friends, peers and collaborators.

1. This Week in Coworking

Every Thursday, Hector Kolonas, a longtime champion of coworking and innovative tech presence in the industry, rounds up all the big moves, must-knows, events, conversations and more into an email called This Week in Coworking. If you want bite-size updates and links to dig deeper, this is it.

2. Coworking Convos

Every month, coworking space operators from around the world gather for Coworking Convos, a virtual event for people to learn, share and connect. Hosted by me and produced by the Cat Johnson Co team, Convos is a fantastic example of the collaborative nature of coworking and the all-around badassery of coworking space operators.

3. Allwork.space

Allwork.space is brilliantly positioned as the voice for the future of work. Covering everything from workspace wellness, remote work, leadership, the workspace industry and tons more, this is my go-to for broad stroke shifts and trends in the way people work—inside and outside of coworking spaces.

4. Coworking Podcasts

Coworking has a growing number of interesting and informative podcasts designed to help you stay up to date with industry moves, learn from some of the industry’s brightest minds and savviest operators. Here are four of my favorites.

GCUC Podcast: Hosted by GCUC founder Liz Elam, the GCUC Podcast gives listeners an insider’s view of industry brands and top players as well as a glimpse into their humanness and vision beyond their work.

Future of Work Podcast: Created by the Allwork.space team, the Future of Work Podcast has quickly become a go-to for all things work-related. Hear from game-changers inside and outside of the workspace industry riff on culture, productivity, leadership, work-life, education, wellness and more.

Everything Coworking Podcast: A long-running staple of coworking, the Everything Coworking Podcast, hosted by Jamie Russo, dives into coworking ops, management agreements, best practices, pricing, planning and more.

Flex Uncensored: A newbie on the coworking podcast scene, Flex Uncensored leans into the commercial real estate aspect of the workspace industry. Hosted by Jamie Russo and Giovanni Palavacini, the design of the show is to “ask industry leaders the questions that are on your mind.”

5. The Lab

Running a coworking space in a silo is hard. So is marketing a space in a silo. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and you don’t need to throw everything at the wall to see what will stick. The Lab is a workspace marketing club where coworking space operators share resources, ideas, feedback, best practices and a love of coworking. If you are committed to creating great content and a pro marketing strategy, join our Lab community.

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