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11 Quick Tips to Revitalize Your Dormant Newsletter


If your newsletter fell off your priorities list as—you know—you worked to survive a pandemic and all, don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

It’s not hard to revitalize a dormant newsletter, but you do need to do it.

As I explained in the last Lab coaching session, your newsletter, which lands directly in the inbox of your audience/market/community, should be the hub of your marketing and outreach efforts.

It’s that important.

So make a plan to revitalize your dormant newsletter.

Here are 11 quick tips to help.

1. Brainstorm Topics

Since it’s been a while, you’re actually at an advantage. No one remembers what your last newsletter was, or has any expectation on what it should be now.

You get to start with a clean slate.

Here are some evergreen topics to include in your newsletter:

  • Updates about your space
  • Community wins
  • Member wins
  • Behind-the-scenes in your space
  • Your current Covid protocol
  • Upcoming virtual or in-person events
  • Save the date notices
  • Fun stories
  • Space anniversaries or news

2. Write in Your Human Voice

There’s no need to take on the tone of someone who writes newsletters. Just be yourself. Write in your own voice, with your own humor (or lack thereof). Don’t try to be anyone other than yourself.

Doing so always falls flat.

The biggest brands in the world, the ones that have giant marketing teams and budgets, don’t try to sound more newsletter-y, they work to sound more human

You have an advantage here.

You’re in the business of supporting humans, so be human.

3. Be Real About Your Biz

How’s the team? How’s the business? No need to pretend like everything is great. We’re all living through this upside-down time together.

Let your members in on your story as a space operator and why they haven’t heard from you in a while. They’ll appreciate the real talk.

And no, it doesn’t make you look weak…or whatever else is running through your mind right now. If we let people in on the whole (sometimes messy journey), they can see and celebrate the wins and transformations with us.

Respect your members enough to be real with them.

4. Share Resources

Nothing gets you back in people’s good graces like helping them.

How can you help your members and extended community? What resources are they looking for right now? How can you support their return to work?

Do that, then do it again and again and again.

5. Put it on the Calendar

Since you’ve gone this long without sending a newsletter, you’ll need to give yourself some accountability to get it done.

Put in on the calendar and start working on it today.

For additional accountability, tell a team member or member that you’re re-upping the newsletter and tell them when it’s going out.

6. Share a Glimpse Into Your Space

I suggest sharing a lot of photos these days, to help people imagine themselves in your space. Your newsletter may be text-based (mine is), so if you don’t include photos in it, you could share a link to your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

It’s comforting for people to see others in a space and to see that you’re still being Covid-conscious.

7. Share Your Vision Moving Forward

Be sure to imbue your newsletter with hope, potential, community love and your vision moving forward.

This has been such a challenging, lonely, stressful, anxiety- and depression-producing time. Make your newsletter a source of hope and empowerment—just like your coworking space is.

8. Call to Action (CTA)

Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA). You’ll have people’s attention, so what do you want them to do? Book a tour, call to re-up their membership, come in for a free day, take advantage of a discount, forward the email to a friend who desperately needs a place to work?

Be strategic and create a clear, compelling CTA.

9. Get It Done

Write It: Sit down and get it done.

Proof It: Proofread the copy, check your links, send yourself a test email.

Send It: Send your newly revitalized newsletter out into the world.

10. Celebrate

Way to survive, sustain your community, and get your newsletter out the door.

Nice work.

Celebrate you, your space, and coworking.

11. Start Planning the Next One

Yep, this is a recurring thing.

Plan to send your newsletter every month, at least.

Every week is even better.

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