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10 Sales tips from Tyler Archer


In a recent Lab Workshop, we had sales coach Tyler Archer zoom in from New Zealand to teach us how to increase member conversion with pro sales strategies.

Here are 10 smart insights Ty has shared about building trust, your ideal customer and the best sales strategy ever.

1. People do not buy from the person who sells to them the most, but from the person who understands them best.

2. The best sales strategy ever: care.

3. Simple solutions sell. Stop making it so difficult for people to understand what you do and how you can help them.

4. Listen more than you talk.

5. Show empathy. People want to be understood on a deeper level.

6. Focus on building trust rather than just closing the sale.

7. The person who pays attention and cares most wins.

8. Show people you care more about them than about making a sale.

9. Stop trying to sell to everyone and anyone. Know your ideal client.

10. Before pitching a solution, make sure you understand the problem.

Thanks for a great workshop, Ty, and for reminding us to keep sales human.

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