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How Can You Serve Your Community?


Like most people, I’ve had waves of frustration, fear and overwhelm about work, virus, future etc.

Uncertainty is hard and my temptation is to overmanage, to overschedule, to overcontrol my work and life.

But here we are, swirling around in uncertainty and unknowingness.

There’s no controlling our way out of this. There’s no scheduling things into manageability. Our job right now is to sit tight, keep ourselves and our families healthy, and do our part to protect our communities by staying home.

But the waves of frustration, fear and overwhelm are real, aren’t they?

I was telling my friend Liz Elam about the waves of overwhelm and uncertainty and she said something that shifted my perspective:

“Find ways to serve your community right now.”

It’s simple and it’s powerful.

When we’re in service mindset, fear takes a backseat. When we’re creating, we dial back the overwhelm. When we’re focused on our communities, we’re not focused on the unknowables.

I took the challenge to heart and hope you do, as well.

It helps. It helps us and it helps our communities.

How can you serve your community right now?


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