9 Simple Truths About Coworking

Members of a coworking space

Coworking is growing so quickly that a whole segment of space owners, operators and community managers have joined the coworking industry—without having a sense of what makes a great coworking space.

I truly feel for these people. They’ve joined a growth industry, all the projections look great, they invest in opening a fabulous space with all the right amenities, they open the doors and … crickets.

It’s devastating.

A growing number of my 1:1 Clarity Calls are operators who don’t know how to reach their potential members, establish themselves in the local community—or even why they should.

So I’m going to break it down for you.

Here are nine simple truths about coworking.

1. Fabulousness fades. 

People may join your space because it’s beautiful and fabulous, but those things won’t make them stay. Members become blind to fabulousness when we see it every day. The thing that keeps us coming back is a vibrant community and a vibe that help us do our best work.

2. Anyone can open a nice space. 

Anyone can outspend and out-fabulous you. You need to find your differentiator. What’s the one thing you can do better than anyone else? Find that and make it the focal point of your messaging.

3. The best thing you can do for your members, your community and your business is to establish your space as a hub for connection and collaboration. 

This means going far beyond simply offering space for rent. It means serving, connecting, collaborating and participating in your extended community all day, every day.

4. Running a space is not easy. 

This is not a sit-at-the-front-desk receptionist job. This is an all-in, high-emotional-quotient, super-connector, all-the-balls-in-the-air-all-the-time, human-scale job. Embrace it.

5. Your brand must have personality, perspective and passion. 

It’s no longer enough to have offices for rent. Your current (and future) members want to know who you are, what you care about and how you serve them. If you can’t communicate this, they’ll move on to a space that can.

6. What’s the story of your brand? 

Your story should be woven throughout your website, social media, email, tours, conversations and presentations. Why did you choose coworking? Why did you choose this particular neighborhood? What’s your vision for your space and community? What drew you personally to coworking? Why are you interested in creating the future of work? These things matter and they will help define your community, space and brand.

7. Invite your neighbors in. 

Your neighbors will recommend your space, visit your space, book meetings and events in your space, become members, refer customers to your events, host member lunches, sponsor happy hours and tell their friends about you. Don’t hide away and think people will come to you. Actively reach out into your neighborhood, get to know everyone and include them in your community.

8. You have an opportunity to make a difference. 

Go for it! Don’t settle with renting offices. Coworking is about so much more than that.

9. You’re not alone. 

The global coworking community is generous, fun, kind and connected. Don’t isolate on the fringes while you figure this all out. Jump in! Participate in the next Coworking Convo, join The Lab, collaborate with other space operators. This is a we thing, not an I thing. We’re here for you and there’s plenty of room for everyone.

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