5 Ways to Support Your Coworking Members with Content


You know what’s really nice?

When joining a coworking space helps you improve and grow your business.

Yep, fast wifi is great, and the always-on coffee is a nice perk, and access to meeting rooms and a community of fellow members and independent professionals is truly awesome.

But, the fact is, your members are running businesses and they appreciate all the support they can get.

Workshops, lunch and learns and networking events are great ways to educate members, give them new skillsets and introduce them to new people and tools.

So keep doing those.

You can also use content to amplify member voices and support their businesses. Here are five ways to get started.

1. Share their wins

Wonderful things happen all the time in coworking spaces. Members get a dream client; they launch a new project or startup; they find a new remote job; they get a big paycheck; they start a new collaboration; they get funded; their app gets approved; their company gets acquired.

When a member has a win that’s of interest to your coworking community, or the broader local community—or even global community—share the win. You can push out the news via social media, include it in your newsletter or email, publish a short blog post, or all of the above. Use your reach to help them celebrate and get the word out.

2. Position Your Members as Industry Experts

Your coworking space is likely full of people who are really good at what they do. Getting them in front of a broader audience with a blog post, video or other piece of content in which they can showcase their expertise positions them as experts in their industry.

Ask them to share their top tips or tools for other entrepreneurs or people in their industry, or share some insights into what makes their business thrive. This type of post will help your member and position your space as a place to be to do good work.

3. Guest Posts

Guest posts are a win-win for you and your members. You get content and they get in front of your extended community. Find a topic your audience will find interesting, create a headline and angle you both agree on, and be clear about what you both expect, the timeline, etc. They write the post, or create the content, you publish and share it around, and everyone benefits.

4. Include Members in a Roundup

Roundups make great content. Ask all your members a question, such as: What’s your favorite business book? What productivity strategies do you use? What are three organizational tools you couldn’t do without? Include backlinks to their website, and photos of them to give your audience a good sense of who’s in your space.

5. Invite Members to Teach

People in coworking spaces know a ton about digital tools, marketing, building things, connecting, pitching, productivity and more. Invite your members to share what they know, in a workshop, lunch and learn or show and tell. Then publish content in advance of their training to promote it. This gets your member in front of a new audience and does double-duty to promote your event.

The Takeaway

Many of these strategies can be done with member profiles. Profiles shine a spotlight on your members’ accomplishments and they position them as experts in their industry.

Profiles can be as easy as sending out a few email questions, or as involved as sitting down with your member for a Q&A interview. They make great content and they support your members in growing successful businesses.

On February 6, I’ll show you how to create engaging member profiles for your space. Learn more and register: How to Create Better Member Profiles.