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What is Coworking Content, Anyway?


Last week, two people who know me well both expressed confusion as to what I’m up to with Coworking Content.

Is it a business? Is it a project? Is it an organization?

So I figured I’d clarify.

In April of 2017, I created a Facebook group for coworking space operators interested in learning more about content marketing and sharing resources with each other.

I knew I wanted it to have the mutual support feel of an alliance, and I knew it would focus on content for workspaces.

I wanted “coworking” to be the first word to ensure that people found it when searching Facebook for coworking groups.

So, the name of the group became: Coworking Content Alliance

Fast-forward a year and a half. I was increasingly focused on teaching space operators about content strategy, brand storytelling, and creating quality content.

At GCUC UK last year, someone asked the attendees how many of them had a customer persona. Of the 150 or so people in the auditorium at the time, a very small handful raised their hand.

It struck me, in that moment, that space operators desperately need guidance, not just with their content, but with marketing, in general.

So, I went all-in on creating tools to help.

I’m now teaching or co-hosting monthly content trainings, and I’m beta testing the Coworking Content Lab, a group content coaching and accountability series.

The Coworking Content Hub

Rather than creating a new entity to do these things, it made sense to align them with the Coworking Content Alliance.

So, Coworking Content became the hub.

The spokes of the Coworking Content hub are:

Unsexy names. I know.

But, they get straight to the point, they have strong search and SEO appeal, and they have a minimalist/utilitarian appeal that I love.

And, there’s a lot of room to develop more offerings as space operators need them.

Coworking Content Trainings

The vision for the trainings is to teach space operators the basics of content and marketing, and to invite guest teachers (the next one is Intro to Pay Per Click Marketing for Shared Workspaces, with Karina Patel from CloudVO and Pacific Workplaces) to share their expertise and pro strategies.

Coworking Content Lab

The vision for the Lab is to do 7-week work sprints where space operators, community managers and industry service providers work on specific projects, whether it’s website copy, creating blog content, videos, Instagram stories, a marketing plan for the year, or whatever else they need to focus on. With group coaching, peer support and feedback and accountability, the Lab is shaping up to be a valuable tool for people serious about creating great content.

Coworking Content Alliance

The Alliance continues to be an amazing community of smart, engaged, funny and thoughtful space operators who give generously of their expertise and experience.

Go-To Source for Coworking Content

So that’s what I’m up to with all the Coworking Content stuff.

It’s a project and budding business. My vision is to have Coworking Content be the go-to source for coworking space operators who need help, guidance, support and community for their content marketing.

Join us!

Further together,