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The Workspace Wave is Coming—Are You Ready?


All signs point to an epic workspace return once we move through this mess.

The remote/hybrid work model, where people divide their time between the office, their home and wherever else they want to work, has been proven.

This is good news for coworking space operators.

The future definitely looks bright.

The tension right now is that you can see the wave of workers looking for a home workspace coming, but it’s not here yet. And in the meantime, things are tight and uncertain and stressful.

As a coworking space member, I can tell you that your people are desperate to get back into a space.

We’re here.

I promise.

So you have a big job to do. This is go time for your marketing. Continue to lay a solid foundation of content, Google My Business, social media. Dust off your email list and commit to regular newsletters. Dial in your SEO strategy. Get more strategic with your Instagram.

Position your space and community in a way that attracts your market now—and moving forward. Be of service, provide resources, continue to support and connect.

Do what you always do—even though we’re in upside-down land.

Especially because we’re in upside-down land.

Your people are waiting.

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