Putting Wellness Front & Center in Your Workspace Marketing


Wellness offerings are not just nice-to-haves in your space, they are must-haves.

Workspace wellness is the future.

The days of forced 9-to-5 days under buzzing fluorescent lights illuminating isolated cubicles are long gone.

The expectation now, and moving forward, is that our workspaces will contribute positively to our well-being.

Healthy air quality, seating, lighting, movement options, programming, food and beverage, and even on-site mental wellness pros and amenities will be the norm.

If you’re not focusing on wellness in your space, start now.

If you are focusing on wellness in your space, fantastic. You’re on the future-forward edge of the workspace industry.

And…you have a big job to do.

Educating Your Community About Workspace Wellness

We know wellness is the future of work, but you need to educate your target market and community about the importance of workspace wellness and why they should care.

In doing so, you can differentiate your space, attract people who will be a great fit in your community, and position yourself as a leader locally and in the coworking world.

Your people are out there and they’re looking for a space and community that supports their physical and mental wellness.

Help them find you.

Spread the Word About Wellness in Your Space

Promote your wellness offerings to your members, leads, target market and extended community.

Here are nine ways to get started:

  1. Get wellness front and center on your website
  2. Publish regular wellness-focused blog posts
  3. Create videos showcasing your wellness offerings
  4. Share wellness insights and tips on social media
  5. Share stories of your mission and vision around workspace wellness
  6. Create wellness resource roundups
  7. Destigmatize conversations about mental wellness with your programming
  8. Write guest posts for market- and values-aligned publications
  9. Be a guest on local podcasts, radio and television shows

The opportunities are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

Your Wellness Differentiator

Your focus on wellness is a huge differentiator—and service to your community. As such, it should be a core part of your brand.

Don’t make people wonder about the air quality, programming, seating options or coffee, tea and snacks.

It’s far more impactful to do some storytelling around why wellness is important to you, your team and your members than it is to flex about your meeting rooms, reception area or Instagrammable mural.

These things fall away as selling points after a few weeks or months.

Wellness offerings, however, remain. So don’t be afraid to lead with them. People who are a good fit for your community will self-select into your space.

Workspace wellness is the future. Props to you for supporting your community and leaning into the future or work.

Now, go tell people about it.

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