How Can We Better Include Coworking Members in the Coworking Movement?



This is less a blog post and more a question: How can coworking space operators, service providers and industry pros better include coworking space members in the incredible, future-forward, global coworking community?

People are doing life-changing work in coworking spaces around the world, but members don’t have a great way to communicate with each other.

Coworking space operators and industry pros, like myself, have online platforms and conferences and support circles where we can connect with each other. But, for the most part, coworking members are left out of this ongoing conversation about a movement they are central to.

Earlier this week, Austin Gray from Blue Arrow Coworking in Winter Park, Colorado, brought this up in the Coworking Content Alliance. His post inspired a ton of discussion, ideas, platform sharing and suggestions. The thread led to a forthcoming group video call to talk more about how we can enable coworking space members to better find and connect with each other, both for work and professional needs, as well as for creative collaboration, social good projects and personal development.

Connecting and empowering coworking members is part of what Bernie Mitchell, Trevor Twining and I are doing with the Ouishare Radio Write Club podcast. The idea is to provide a resource for members to learn more about content marketing, personal branding, storytelling. We’re all three coworking lifers who recognize that coworking can transform lives, careers, neighborhoods, communities and, eventually, the world! *Insert evil laugh here*

The podcast is focused, in particular, on freelancers and indie pros creating their own content, developing their brand story and voice and growing their own community. Check it out if you’re interested.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts around the massive, global community of people working in coworking spaces. How can we better connect them? Or facilitate their connection? Or find out if this is something they want?

What do you think? Add a comment here, jump into the conversation in the Coworking Content Alliance, email me, hit me up on Twitter or send up a smoke signal.


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