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Content Marketing as a Bridge Between Your Purpose and Your Business


In his now-famous TED talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant Simon Sinek challenges people to start with the why of their business.

Sinek uses Apple as an example, explaining that the company’s why, to challenge the status quo, is the core of their marketing and the driving force behind their business operations.

Once you’ve determined the why of your business or project, you need to find ways to share that with your customers and community.

Storytelling—sharing original content with the world—is a great way to bridge your why,—your purpose—with your business goals.

What inspired your space? How is it different from other offices and workspaces? What drives your community? What projects or products are coming out of your space? Why is your space great? How has your space impacted the local entrepreneurial and tech ecosystem? How has coworking changed you? How has coworking improved the lives of your members?

These types of stories get to the heart of what you’re doing. These types of stories get to the why.


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