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Good Content is a Magnet, not a Cropduster



Traditional advertising is like cropdusting a crowd, hoping your message reaches your target audience.

Content marketing is about knowing who your audience is and creating content that speaks directly to them.

It’s about acting as a magnet rather than a cropduster.

Content marketing is a way of attracting people to your product, service or coworking space.

To be effective with your content strategy, get clear on the pains and hopes of your target audience—then create content that speaks directly to them.

Good content acts as a magnet, drawing people to your resources, ideas, insights, tips and information.

When you become a platform that helps your target audience solve their problems and realize their vision, you’ve already established your value to them.

Getting them in the door of your space then becomes the obvious next step.

Originally published on the Coworking Content Instagram

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