The Struggle is Real: Mental Health in Coworking (and Life)



A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about how many of my friends and colleagues struggle with overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

So I posted a Twitter poll just to get a sense of things in my larger circle.

The results surprised and troubled me.

Granted, a Twitter poll is not an airtight system, the sample size was small (25 people responded) and I imagine respondents who did respond may lean toward challenges around mental health.


the results were still sobering.

Of the 25 respondents, 52% struggle with overwhelm, anxiety or depression EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES!

Another 40% struggle now and again

And 8% said they never struggle (Who are these people and what’s their secret?)

Mental health and wellness is a huge issue and topic of discussion in coworking circles, as well as larger workplace and work conversations—and for good reason. We’re “on” all the time, we’re over-connected, and a lot of people are severely lacking in real human connection.

What can we, people in coworking and just the larger human family, in general do about this? What are you doing in your space or community? What are your best tips, strategies or insights? I’d love to hear. Respond in the comments or drop me an email.

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