An Open Letter to Coworking


Dear coworking,

If I could talk to my pre-pandemic self, I’d tell her to buckle up.

I’d tell her that she will become a different person—and that everyone around her will change, as well.

I’d tell her she’s going to experience fear, isolation and loneliness.

But I’d also tell her some profound gifts are coming her way. She will learn to slow down, find out what—and who—is truly important, step into her circle of family and friends in new ways and revisit who she is and what she wants to do with this life.

I’d tell her she will lean on coworking and community to get her through—and they will.

Coworking pivoted the hell out of this pandemic. As soon as we all retreated to our homes, we created ways to connect and lean on each other. Zoom chats, happy hours, virtual events and WTF sessions emerged almost immediately … and never went away.

We launched The Lab during the early months of the pandemic as a way to bring coworking space operators together to continue learning, marketing and supporting our communities.

We launched Coworking Convos just before the pandemic hit—and what great timing that turned out to be. For more than two and a half years, our global coworking community has met monthly to learn, share and connect. We’ve covered topics from marketing, lead gen and new revenue streams, to branding, community building, tour best practices and everything in between. But, more importantly, we’ve gathered as a generous and mutually-supportive community of coworking leaders and badasses.

Coworking has changed. The industry is growing at a rate that was unpredictable three years ago. And we’ve changed internally, as space operators, pros and community builders.

None of us are who we were.

And that’s ok. Maybe it’s brilliant. We are more compassionate, more empathetic, more connected and more convinced of coworking’s essential mission to connect, support and serve people.

Your job now is to attract the people who are a good fit for your community. We are light years beyond the point where any member is a good member. You need to bring people into your space and community who resonate with your mission, values, norms and vibe.

The best way to do that is to tell the stories of your space and community—to be real and true and human. We just went through some shit. No one wants to be advertised at, broadcasted to or treated like a transactional relationship.

We want depth and real connection

We want a sense of belonging—maybe now more than ever.

These are things that coworking can deliver in its sleep—if you’re willing to step forward to lead, connect and serve.

Your people are coming.

A wave of remote workers, creators, freelancers, teams and professionals is headed your way.

As we celebrate Coworking Day 2022, get clear about who you are and who you serve. Actively engage in your extended community. Figure out what differentiates you (it’s not your fast wifi, nice desks or meeting room decor). Shift into service mindset and stay there. Be brave about sharing your vision, values, mission and stories.

If you want your space to thrive, help your community thrive.

If you want your community to thrive, help your members thrive.

How can you make a meaningful impact on their days, lives and work?

Figure that out, then get moving.

Your people need you.

Further together,

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