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Streamline Your Time On Social Media with Keyboard Shortcuts


You’re probably using keyboard shortcuts already, right? Every time you hit Command A to select all, Command C to copy, and Command V to paste (Yes, I’m a Mac user.), that’s a shortcut.

There are TONS of keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac—most of which you’ll never use. But did you know there are lots of keyboard shortcuts for social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and more?

Yep, you can browse Facebook in half the clicks. Or fly through Twitter, switching between your profile, notifications, and newsfeed with the touch of a button rather than than pesky old mouse or trackpad.

The folks at SetUpABlogToday made this handy infographic detailing some of the best keyboard shortcuts for the most popular social media sites.

Give the shortcuts a try to take your social media-ing to the next level (and create more time for writing).

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you have a favorite social media keyboard shortcut? Leave a comment below and let me know if you have one (or a few) that you use every day.

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Photo: Damian Zaleski / Unsplash