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24 Creative Ways to Use Whiteboards in Your Coworking Space


All signs point to enormous growth in coworking.

Your job is to attract perfect fit members to your space and show them everything they can do as a member of your community.

There’s Something About Whiteboards

One of my favorite things to do in a coworking space is a good ol’ whiteboard session. There’s something about big planning on a big board that just works. Maybe it’s because I’m a visual thinker that whiteboards work so well for me, but I’m definitely not alone. Whiteboarding is a core part of life as an entrepreneur, techie, creative, startup or organization.

Whiteboard are great for big picture mindmaps, content strategy brainstorms and project outlines. But there are many, many more uses for you and your members. 

To get the inside scoop and pro perspective on whiteboarding, I chatted with my friend Hanson Grant, founder and CEO of Think Board, a company known around the workspace industry (and beyond) for its peel-and-stick whiteboards, scannable whiteboard options, floor-to-ceiling boards, clear whiteboards, magnetic boards…and ongoing support of the coworking world.

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Together, we came up with 24 creative ways to use whiteboards in your coworking space. 

1. Work Sprints

Every good work sprint needs a whiteboard.

2. Project Planning

No need to settle for paper or computer screens when you can plan your project on a wall-sized board.

3. Content Brainstorm

Post-it notes are nice, but have you ever brainstormed content on a whiteboard? 

4. Marketing Calendar

Use a whiteboard (or, better yet, a whiteboard calendar) to capture anchor dates and important events to create content around.

5. Lead-Gen Strategies

Go big with ideation and strategy to connect with your target market.


6. Product Roadmap

Where do you go from here? Lay out your roadmap before transferring details to your project management system.

7. Challenges

Work it out, mate. Whiteboard those challenges, roadblocks and pains.

8. Big Ideas

What’s your big picture vision? What would you most like to do?

9. Business Model Canvas

You have done a business model canvas, right? 

10. Sales Charts

Organize and track your sales goals and metrics.

11. Member Information

Share must-know information, such as wifi passwords, with members, guests, visitors.

12. Member wall

Showcase your community on a magnetic board or whiteboard.

13. Event Listing

What’s happening this week (or month) in your space?

14. Internal Tracking

Provide at-a-glance tracking of coffee, ink, creamer, water filters etc. for your team.

15. Social Good Tracking

Track food pantry donations, clothing drives, volunteer time, and money donated to good causes.

16. Kanban Boards

Kanban your project management todos, doing and done.

17. Monthly Calendars

Keep track of member birthdays, company anniversaries and important occasions.

18. Breakout Zones

Define a space as a phone zone, quiet zone or collaboration zone.

19. Creativity Zones

Encourage creativity with wall-sized whiteboards.

20. Workshop Agenda

What’s on-deck for today’s workshop?

21. Whiteboard Tables

Don’t limit yourself to walls. Members can take notes, work on specs, mindmap and brainstorm ideas without leaving their chair.

22. Eisenhower Matrix

Help members prioritize tasks by urgency and importance.

23. Personal Productivity Planning

Whatever productivity method members use, it can benefit from a whiteboard planning session.

24. Website and App Design

Make website and app design easy on your members. Whiteboards can be printed with templates for browser, iphone and Android displays.

Thanks to Hanson for a great brainstorming session.

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