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Cat Johnson Co 2021 in Review

During our last Cat Johnson Co call of the year, we rounded up our 2021 wins.

I’m so proud of what we’re building, one step at a time!

📌 We’ve grown The Lab, our workspace marketing club, to 50 members.

🙌 More than 4100 workspace operators have participated in Coworking Convos.

🌎 We welcomed Convos guests from 50+ coworking spaces around the world.

😎 We’ve grown the extended Cat Johnson Co team to five.

👩‍💻 We published 32 blog posts.

✍️ I posted on LinkedIn 214 times.

📈 We had 215,000+ LinkedIn views (377% growth).

⚡️ My LinkedIn follower count grew from ~500 to 3400.

🎯 We created a Cat Johnson Co LinkedIn page that now has 359 followers.

🖼 We prepped a soon-to-be-unveiled rebrand.

🎓 We taught 12 group coaching sessions, six in-person workshops and one in-person masterclass.

⏰ We hosted 36+ worksprints with our coLabbers.

🏆 We streamlined our operations with tools and really smart people.

🥰 We self-cared ourselves through bouts of overwhelm, burnout, anxiety and depression.

✨ We leaned into our Cat Johnson Co community for support and guidance.

🙏 We practiced gratitude every day.

〰 〰 〰

Thank you all, for making 2021 a year of connection, learning, wonderful challenges and growth.

Keep your eyes out for some exciting new projects and collaborations in 2022!