Yes! Content is a Lead Gen Strategy


Lead gen strategies for your coworking space, including Google My Business, CPC ads, social media ads, traditional marketing like direct mail….. can work really well. But don’t neglect content as a powerful lead gen strategy.

Content can be so touchy-feely.

We talk about storytelling, being authentic, spotlighting your community and sharing your mission, vision and challenges.

When done well, content is the heart of your marketing strategy. It’s the human side of things. We write and create for our target audience and community, we serve them, and we do it over and over, across our blog, social media, video and everything else in the ever-growing ecosystem of content platforms.

But let’s dig a bit deeper than the human side of content.

Content is a powerful lead gen strategy. You could make a case that it’s your most powerful lead gen channel, when done well.

Content is ridiculously customizable

You can target a blog post, case study, video or Instagram Reel to exactly the market you want to reach. For example, you can create a roundup titled, 7 Fundraising Essentials for Santa Barbara Startups.

See how that puts a fine point on who the post is for? If it was a roundup of resources for all startups, it may or may not be of interest to founders and teams living in Santa Barbara. But, since it’s clear exactly who the post is for, it will resonate much more deeply with the target audience. They’ll see themselves in it.

Content is relatively low cost

At its most basic, content takes strategy, time and energy. If you have a budget for pro content creation, great. If you don’t, get busy creating.

Content is a leverage superpower

Which businesses, organizations, events and people in your community are aligned with your market, mission and values?

Include them in your content, regularly and consistently. Tag them on social media, email them directly to ask them to share the content, and watch your audience grow exponentially with the power of strategic leverage.

Content can sidestep algorithms

If you don’t create on other peoples’ real estate (i.e. publishing blog posts on Medium), you side step the algorithm-chasing game entirely. Consistently create quality content on your own platforms and people will consistently consume what you’re putting out.

Digital publishing is a dream come true

I remember the moment I fell in love with digital publishing. I wrote a post, published it and it was immediately accessible by people around the world. 

But the magic moment came when I realized there was a typo on the post. So I opened it back up, fixed the typo, hit “update” and voila, it was live again, typo free. Absolute magic.

The content catch

Here’s the deal though. Content has the power to drive a ton of traffic to your website. But traffic in and of itself is a vanity metric. It doesn’t matter how many people you drive to your site if they don’t take the next step with you.

So, while you’re strategizing your content, be sure to strategize your calls to action (CTA), your lead magnets (those freebie downloads people exchange their email for), and the posts or resources you’d like your visitors to check out next.

That’s where content creation becomes content marketing.

The big picture

Above all else, create consistently, create quality content that truly serves your target market (which you’ve clearly defined), and get strategic about using the power of content to drive leads, strengthen your brand, celebrate your community and spotlight your mission, vision and values.

Your people are waiting.

Go get ‘em.

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