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Coworking Space Tours: Tips for Workspace Operators


Get Your Coworking Space Tour Right

Your coworking space tour is the most important touchpoint you have to turn a lead into a member.

If your tour is lifeless, bland, rushed or irrelevant, chances are good that you’re not going to see that tourer again.

If, however, your tour is highly relevant to the tourer, engaged, personalized and nicely paced, you may have a member join your community right then.

In the Nailing Your Tours episode of Coworking Convos, our guests shared their tips, best practices and experience gleaned from years of giving coworking space tours.

Highpoints and Takeaways

Allwork.space captured the highlights and takeaways in the post, How To Nail Your Workspace Tours: 14 Tips From Coworking Pros

Here are the top points captured. Read the full post.

  1. Nailing the tour starts pre-tour
  2. Learn as much as you can about the tourer
  3. Use a drip campaign to prepare your guest
  4. Check in the day before
  5. Do the tour yourself
  6. Provide “the Disney experience”
  7. Meet in the space they’re interested in
  8. Show that there is room to grow
  9. It’s all about them—not you
  10. Plan your tour journey
  11. Think about your conversation
  12. Think about the small things
  13. Offer a test drive
  14. The follow up is incredibly important

Nailing Your Tours Recap

We also recapped some of the brilliant suggestions made by our Convos guests in the following video.

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