Mar 31 Convo: Hospitality as a Service

Coworking Wisdom No. 003



Tony Bacigalupo is a wellspring of coworking knowledge, insight and inspiration.

Founder of New Work City, the first dedicated coworking space in New York City, Tony now runs New Work Cities, an organization helping people build thriving collaborative communities.

If you’ve ever chatted with Tony about coworking and community, listened to him speak at conferences, read his blog posts or watched his videos, you know that he brings a perspective that’s fresh, knowledgeable, and unwaveringly focused on human connection and community.

He recently shared some of his best tips for attracting and retaining coworking space members.

This coworking wisdom quote from him is one of a thousand different ones I could have chosen—but it’s a good place to start. If you want to learn more about Tony and his work, visit


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