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What a Lacrosse Vendor Can Teach Coworking Spaces about Content Marketing



Understanding your target audience is one of the most important aspects of effective content marketing.

Over the weekend I saw a great example of why trying to reach everyone is a waste of time and resources, and how directly reaching your target audience is one of the most powerful things you can do.

On a walk through my local park I came across a youth lacrosse tournament. The fields that are usually full of soccer teams on Saturday mornings were full of young people from all around Northern California competing against each other.

On one side of the field, a vendor was selling lacrosse gear.

To me, the lacrosse vendor was pretty much meaningless. I don’t play lacrosse, I don’t have kids who play lacrosse and, aside from my brother’s interest in the sport ages ago, I don’t really have a reference for it.

To the lacrosse players, however, the vendor was everything.

Kids milled about admiring the helmets and sticks, parents asked about sizes and prices, and lots of purchases were made.

The vendor put itself directly in front of its target audience, and it was working.

It didn’t matter that I walked by without stopping, as did other people at the park who were there to play basketball or tennis, or were out for a run, or were pushing kids in strollers.

The people who were interested, were very interested.

All too often I see people trying to create content that reaches everyone, or trying to connect with an audience that isn’t their target market—and never will be.

Good content doesn’t speak to everyone.

But it speaks directly to someone.

If that lacrosse vendor had also sold umbrellas and flashlights and rollerblades, the impact wouldn’t have been nearly as powerful at a lacrosse event.

By focusing exclusively on lacrosse gear, the vendor established itself as, not just the only shop at the event, but the expert on the subject.

I imagine even the people who browsed and didn’t buy learned something or were introduced to options and upgrades. When it comes time to get new gear, they’ll potentially visit that vendor.

When you create content, remember the lacrosse vendor. Do your best to put yourself directly in front of your target audience and don’t worry about the people who just walk by.

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